BMW F800/F700/F650 GS V3 Skid Plate

With more protection and more features this is the best F650/ F800 GS skid plate available to take out on your next adventure. Designed to fit a wide variety of engine bars like SW-Motech, Holan and Holan Pro, Adventure-Spec, Touratech, Hepco & Becker, Givi, BMW, Alt-Rider, Metal Mule and provide extensive protection, top to bottom and front to back. Add the optional tool box to store your tool kit.

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$ 281.99 CAD*



-4mm thick 5052 aluminum, TIG welded
-complete coverage back to the catalytic converter
-oil filter & oil cooler protection
-CNC machined and
welded countersunk mounts for an unobstructed profile underneath
-front tool box compatibility
-side oil drain access
-stout CNC machined aluminum front bracket with stainless steel hardware
-center stand compatible

-black powder coat
uses stock F800GS mounting hardware (for the F700/F650 GS you will need to purchase the skid plate mount kit from your BMW dealer)
-made in B.C., Canada

Item # PF803B


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CNC machined aluminium front bracket and lower engine mounts. The side plates are TIG welded inside and out.  Lower countersunk engine mounts are also TIG welded and have a 360 perimeter for support of the bottom of the skid plate. 


Complete oil filter, oil cooler AND oil lines coverage with side oil drain access. Shown with SW-Motech engine bars.


Excellent header protection. Shown w/ optional tool box and BMW engine bars.

Engine bar compatibility: Touratech, Holan, Holan Pro, SW-Motech, Adventure-Spec (G-it), Hepco+Becker, BMW, Alt-Rider, Metal Mule and Givi


Unobstructed profile underneath with countersunk mounting, complete coverage for the catalytic converter and optimal “angle of attack“ leading edge.