MOD F800/F650 GS Top Rack Info

Top Rack Legend


There’s a lot going on here so this will simplify things.


1. Forward Solo Mounting– burgundy


2. Rearward Two-Up mounting– light blue


3. Rotopax top mounting holes– orange


4. Rotopax L bracket top mounting holes– green


5. Rotopax L bracket right side mounting holes– red


6. Givi/Kappa Monokey Top Box mounting holes– blue


7. KISS Top Box Square Mounting holes– yellow

Rotopax mounting

Rotopax side mounting; (Rotopax L bracket is required for this and top L bracket mounting) Side mounting is ONLY designed to carry a 1 gal. Rotopax and only to be used on the right side of the bike. The left side holes are only for symmetry. Failure to abide to these rules may result in a damaged Top Rack. That is not covered under warrantee. Two extra 1/4” bolts and nuts should be used to secure the L bracket in either configuration therefore making use of all five holes.


Top L bracket; Rotopax can be run either fore or aft of the bracket.


Maximum weight capacity for the Top Rack is 12kg. (26lbs.)

Givi and KISS top box mounting


Givi; A stock Givi Monokey mount kit and top box can be used. Washers and longer bolts may be needed. The latch block can be adjusted fore and aft in the slot and will require larger washers to mount securely. Rubber bumpers may also be added to prevent some top boxes from rattling.


KISS (DIY); All that’s needed is the appropriate length ¼”carriage bolts, nuts (or plastic hand nuts) and washers. The bolts mount from underneath the Top Rack making this a 100% secure. 

Then use the Top Rack as a template and the forward edge of the Top Rack as a limit and drill two holes in any Pelican type or metal box. “Measure twice, drill once”!



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Welded rib underneath for added strength. CNC machined aluminium spacers and stainless steel bolts.

Top mounted Rotopax L bracket and Rotopax 1 gal. (can be run on either side of the bracket).

Compatibility: All handles/side racks. Some side racks don’t require the use of the standard spacers. Specific details on racks needing different set-ups: Metal Mule  Specific kits available for Jesse and Happy Trails side racks. Please inquire at time of order.

Givi E36 Box mounted on MOD F800 GS Top Rack in forward position.